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STABOND U 283C is a moisture curing, 100% solids polyurethane adhesive system. This product has been successfully used for bonding various surfaces such as: fiberglass, wood, EPS board, aluminum and steel.

STABOND UK 148 is a brushable, two-part elastomeric contact adhesive which provides high strength bonds to many plastics and synthetic rubbers such as SBR, Neoprene, Nitrile, PVC, ABS and rigid urethane foam. The base is the same as U 148 and can be used as a one-part system. The accelerator is used to enhance bond strength, heat resistance and adhesion to Hypalon.

STASEAL 5000B is a moisture cured, urethane adhesive/sealant. This product has been successfully used for bonding various surfaces such as: EPS board, wood, fiberglass and aluminum.

STABOND C-111 is a high-strength synthetic-rubber-base adhesive formulated for brush application. It is an excellent general-purpose adhesive suitable for bonding metals, wood, glass, leather and most plastics including plasticized vinyls. Stabond C-111 exhibits excellent resistance to water, acids, alkalis, oil, gasoline and most solvents. Stabond C-111 is qualified to specifications: MMM-A-1617B Type 3, LCM 30-2086 Amendment 2, HMS 16-1149 Type 5, and 299-947-107 Type 2 Class 4.

STABOND 0836 is a low viscosity, fast drying contact adhesive recommended for bonding Neoprene sponge in the manufacturing of diving suits and for similar applications.

STABOND T-440C is a high coverage, high performance, sprayable neoprene contact adhesive developed to provide exceptional heat resistance and superior adhesion to wood, metal, and fiberglass reinforced panels. Stabond T-440C is particularly suitable for bonding decorative laminates and sandwich panels. It is specifically formulated for high temperature post-forming operations and exhibits excellent resistance to edge lift. The unusually high non-volatile content of Stabond T-440C will normally permit substantial savings in adhesive costs compared to conventional sprayable contact adhesives. Typically, the use of Stabond T-440C will result in a 50% reduction in solvent emissions.

STABOND E-183 is a general-purpose adhesive suitable for bonding wood, eps board, cork, metal, fiberglass and many other substrates. The adhesive is particularly useful in bonding expanded polystyrene and Styrofoam to themselves and to other surfaces, because the special blend of solvents and resins will not attack the substrates when sprayed. Adhesive applied to expanded polystyrene surfaces must be completely dry before assembly because any residual solvent trapped in the glue line will cause solvent attack on aging.

STABOND C 160 is a fast drying, VOC-free, high strength adhesive formulated for spray application.

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